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Mold Remediation in Jacksonville

Fundisa Restoration has been providing mold remediation for the city of Jacksonville and throughout Duval County since 2009.

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If you have mold in your home in Jacksonville, Florida, Fundisa Restoration can remove the water and repair the conditions the mold has caused to return your property to its original condition.

Call Fundisa Restoration's team of mold remediation experts at (844) 386-3472 to schedule our mold remediation services. The sooner you remove the mold and purify your property, the less likely there will be further damage to both your property and your health.


Does Your Home in Jacksonville Need Mold Remediation?

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Excess Moisture in a Property Can Be Extremely Detrimental

Causes of mold may include leaks, faulty plumbing, leaky air conditioning units, and storm damage, to name a few. Having mold in a home or office is not just a problem for people with allergies or asthma, it can affect anyone who is exposed to it.

Living with mold in your home or working in a building with an overgrowth of mold can be very dangerous. Our job is to make sure we get your dwelling back to normal, completely safe, and remediated of mold.

The Risks of Mold Exposure

  • Fever and shortness of breath.
  • Upper respiratory infections.
  • Memory Loss and lethargy.
  • Stuffy nose, wheezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose.

Top Priorities to Remedy Your Home of Mold Growth

Once you have confirmed there is mold growth in your home or office, be aware that mold spores can be toxic. Respiratory protection is recommended when you are entering areas of concentrated mold. Once our experts have arrived, rest assured we will get the job done efficiently.

Stay Healthy

Your first priority should be the health and safety of yourself, your family, and anyone else who may contact the mold spores. Wear a respirator mask and goggles when inside the areas affected. Open windows and doors to provide fresh air. Try to stay out of the affected areas as much as possible to avoid exposure.

The Importance of Immediate Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is one of the most important aspects of recovering your home from stormwater damage. A mold-infestation is terrible for the house, bad for family health, and bad for your lifestyle. And we don't say that lightly.

Mold likes to grow on the backside of water damaged drywall and inside or underneath water damaged furniture. It wants wood and fabric most of all but will grow on anything damp enough. Mold will eat through wood and fabric, slowly replacing the material with mold-mass.

Mold constantly exudes spores that are potentially toxic to humans, especially in high concentrations, and are continually looking for new places to start new colonies. Therefore, the longer your home is damp, the more colonies will take root in wet surfaces. And you'll need to get rid of any mold that did take hold before the home is safe to live in again.

Fundisa Restoration Can Remediate Mold in Your Home

If your home has mold growth from leaks, faulty plumbing, leaky air conditioning units, or storm damage, we can help. Here at Fundisa Restoration, we specialize in helping families like yours with mold remediation, water damage restoration, asbestos removal, lead-based paint removal, and abatement. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your restoration needs.

The City of Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city located in Duval County, Florida that was originally incorporated in 1832. Over the past 189 years the population has grown to include 842,583 residents, making Jacksonville the largest city in the state.

There are 48 Zip Codes in Jacksonville

Click each zip code for more information.


Latitude: 30.32503

Longitude: -81.64802

Population: 6,165

Median Age: 40.0 years old


Latitude: 30.31648

Longitude: -81.68074

Population: 7,507

Median Age: 34.0 years old


Latitude: 30.30287

Longitude: -81.72202

Population: 29,499

Median Age: 35.9 years old


Latitude: 30.35054

Longitude: -81.63840

Population: 16,500

Median Age: 37.4 years old


Latitude: 30.29000

Longitude: -81.63997

Population: 35,917

Median Age: 36.0 years old


Latitude: 30.39343

Longitude: -81.68255

Population: 32,194

Median Age: 40.3 years old


Latitude: 30.36104

Longitude: -81.69550

Population: 35,436

Median Age: 33.8 years old


Latitude: 30.26558

Longitude: -81.74464

Population: 61,496

Median Age: 35.0 years old


Latitude: 30.33267

Longitude: -81.58405

Population: 34,607

Median Age: 33.1 years old


Latitude: 30.21908

Longitude: -81.67892

Population: 2,499

Median Age: 21.5 years old

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Latitude: 30.27876

Longitude: -81.58313

Population: 38,073

Median Age: 36.5 years old


Latitude: 30.23919

Longitude: -81.62723

Population: 19,411

Median Age: 38.8 years old


Latitude: 30.48665

Longitude: -81.66922

Population: 61,846

Median Age: 34.9 years old


Latitude: 30.43046

Longitude: -81.79383

Population: 11,931

Median Age: 43.0 years old


Latitude: 30.35044

Longitude: -81.86666

Population: 13,179

Median Age: 38.9 years old


Latitude: 30.25635

Longitude: -81.85417

Population: 30,227

Median Age: 36.8 years old


Latitude: 30.21682

Longitude: -81.82881

Population: 9,772

Median Age: 37.4 years old


Latitude: 30.15489

Longitude: -81.64815

Population: 24,039

Median Age: 47.8 years old


Latitude: 30.27027

Longitude: -81.46796

Population: 43,751

Median Age: 34.6 years old


Latitude: 30.35751

Longitude: -81.50602

Population: 54,496

Median Age: 38.4 years old


Latitude: 30.46439

Longitude: -81.50977

Population: 16,013

Median Age: 37.4 years old


Latitude: 30.39003

Longitude: -81.40722

Population: 3,087

Median Age: 21.5 years old


Latitude: 30.39156

Longitude: -81.40018

Population: 368

Median Age: 21.8 years old


Latitude: 30.21457

Longitude: -81.98375

Population: 5,780

Median Age: 42.2 years old


Latitude: 30.21791

Longitude: -81.75347

Population: 60,712

Median Age: 34.5 years old


Latitude: 30.29400

Longitude: -81.51797

Population: 51,275

Median Age: 34.4 years old


Latitude: 30.34157

Longitude: -81.73586

Population: 13,039

Median Age: 34.8 years old


Latitude: 30.18783

Longitude: -81.50041

Population: 45,688

Median Age: 33.5 years old


Latitude: 30.19519

Longitude: -81.61233

Population: 38,651

Median Age: 39.9 years old


Latitude: 30.13755

Longitude: -81.54844

Population: 31,990

Median Age: 37.0 years old


Latitude: 30.37275

Longitude: -81.59459

Population: 32,029

Median Age: 32.7 years old


Latitude: 30.33493

Longitude: -81.77092


Latitude: 30.27561

Longitude: -81.76425


Latitude: 30.33727

Longitude: -81.67275


Latitude: 30.21669

Longitude: -81.68400


Latitude: 30.40837

Longitude: -81.57952


Latitude: 30.28999

Longitude: -81.63345


Latitude: 30.29256

Longitude: -81.63531


Latitude: 30.29405

Longitude: -81.63478


Latitude: 30.30605

Longitude: -81.72997


Latitude: 30.24339

Longitude: -81.61912


Latitude: 30.22145

Longitude: -81.76301


Latitude: 30.33099

Longitude: -81.57791


Latitude: 30.16829

Longitude: -81.62911


Latitude: 30.24787

Longitude: -81.54931


Latitude: 30.29708

Longitude: -81.63501


Latitude: 30.28020

Longitude: -81.54639


Latitude: 30.07750

Longitude: -81.58084

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Fundisa Restoration strictly abides by all the requirements of the EPA, OSHA, and the CIES agencies. Our general liability insurance (FEI-ECC-20139-04) for remediation services includes commercial general liability, contractors pollution liability, professional liability and workers' compensation coverage.

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